Francesco Bonfiglio joined GAIA-X in March 2021 as the new CEO.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the business of consulting and information technology, Francesco brings into Gaia-X his knowledge of the cloud and data market needs, and his vision on how the Association should revolutionise the Digital Economy.

Independent Advisor since 2020, his career was built from the ground up in many Italian and Multinational contexts. Formerly CEO for ENGINEERING, VP at AVANADE, MD in ACCENTURE, CTO for HP EMEA, Director at UNISYS, Technical Director RATIONAL amongst his positions.

With a background in Electronics Engineering, Francesco has held a bottom-up career, covering all roles within the IT, from developer to top-executive, from R&D to business units’ leader. Early supporter of the need for continuous innovation, he is a big fan of the startup ecosystem, active member of evaluation commissions, board member and co-founder of FOOLFARM.com, the first AI Startup Studio in Italy.